Denise Goulden
Denise Goulden
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Obituary of Denise Mary Margaret Goulden

Denise Mary Margaret Goulden
February 18 1949 – April 27 2019

Born in Jersey, Channel Islands, Denise was the highly celebrated first born of Denis Frederick Roy Goulden and Maggie (Margaret) D’Arcy Goulden (nee Delargy). In Denis’s own words “I rode the bicycle down the hill, got through to the hospital and was told I had a baby girl. Boy, I was delighted! I pedalled back up that hill to tell Maggie’s mother. The next day we went in and I saw Denise. And boy, I thought she was perfect.”

Ian, the second of 5 children, arrived in a similarly celebratory style a year later, and Denise and Ian grew to become quite the pair. On the very first day of their 1954 arrival to their London home in Canada, a young Denise and Ian decided to go out for a walk. They got lost walking around their new block, and were eventually returned home with kind regards from the neighbourhood policeman. And that’s where it begins.

Intelligent, beautiful, determined, and with the heart of an explorer, Denise was granted entrance to Brescia University College at the age of 16. She graduated with her BA and started off working as a teller in a bank. An armed robbery and 5 hours stuck in the vault with the other staff moved her to try her hand as a florist. Later, she also worked as a lab technician with one of the hospitals. But her true calling came much later.

She was the eldest, and her insatiable curiosity, determination, and adventurous spirit inspired Denise to travel this wide world and explore and experience the largeness and diversity of lives lived.

And long, grand, and incredible travels by land and sea she did indeed have. Ever the joyous optimist and adventure seeker, Denise explored on, through the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and across the ocean into South America. Saw it all. Lived it all. Loved it all.

It was from those experiences that Denise found her true calling and led Denise to turn her attention to the struggle for equal rights. She was an active and proud member of the International Women's Day Coalition and always participated in the March 8th International Women’s Day Rallies and Marches. From 1975 through 2000, you could find Denise there. And not only there. Denise supported and actively participated in numerous other international causes in support of justice and equal rights for all. Nelson Mandela was one of her stars.

She loved going out for coffee, flowers on the table, jewellery, John Lennon, Edith Piaf, Indi movies, sharing a good meal, helping people, new clothes, books, art, music, children, laughter, and friends. Her apartment was full of intriguing mementos from her travels, and her bookshelves full of revolutionary thoughts.

Denise was a kind and generous person, but mostly she was brave. She had the heart, determination, and spirit of a true adventurer. And those who knew her well, know that she lived a long, daring, and courageous life.

She is fondly loved and deeply missed by her sisters Lorraine and Anne, her uncle Gerry, her aunt Judi and family in England, her cousins Barb, Jim Jr., Steve, Mike, Shona, Brian, Rob, Chris, and Darcy, and her niece and nephews Dylan, Colton, Josh, Michael, and Katie. Predeceased by her beloved brother Ian, her dearly missed youngest sister Bev, her loving  parents Denis and Maggie Goulden, grandparents Churchill and Delargy, aunts Jo and Sheila, and uncle Jim.

Flowers are gratefully accepted. In lieu of flowers, Denise would be pleased if you donated to Anova, the Women's Community House here in London. You are invited to post your condolences online at Cremation as Denise requested has taken place. Memorial service, prayers, and interment will be held at Holy Family Mausoleum, St. Peter’s Cemetery on Saturday, May 4 at 11:00 o’clock.